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I’m sick of trying to be converted.

2 Sep

I am a good Christian,
Very pure of heart and true,
That is why I cannot stand to see,
These heathens who have no clue.

I am a pious man,
It’s obvious by my word.
That is why I detest all,
Who speak with no concern for the Lord.

Temptress! Vile being! Harlet!
I scream into the night,
Whenever I see a woman,
Who walks with confidence, free of blight.

Sinners! Demons! Heathens!
I shout on the street,
Whenever I find two men,
Whose lust for one another appears deep.

Bitches! Whores! Cunts!
I begin to gasp,
Each and every time,
That abortion clinic I pass.

Assholes! Motherfuckers!
I begin to scream,
At every single person,
Who isn’t exactly just like me.

But let me tell you a secret,
I was once just like you.
I was wordly, carefree, faithless,
I did whatever I wanted to.

I was once a non-believer,
Till a woman came along,
She lied, she cheated, she stole,
Yet she captivated me with her song.

Then I discovered a way,
to enact my sweet revenge,
I discovered my saviour,
I started seeing through a new lens.

But I am a loving Christian,
I’m much happier now, I swear.
But this world full of demons,
‘Tis really hard to bare!